Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing & Analytics

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Course Modules

Each PhD student follows a personally tailored programme of postgraduate courses drawn from UCL, LSE and IC. The course modules cover: financial IT, networks & communications, HCI, computational finance, financial engineering, mathematics, statistics and business, financial mathematics and are supplemented by lectures from our industry partners.

Choices are agreed between the student, their supervisor and the programme director, and can be taken at any of the three participating universities.

The courses undertaken address issues such as technical, analytical and financial knowledge, and international cultural awareness, with the aim of improving students' skills and supporting application to projects within the financial services industry.

Courses Available

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Imperial College Business School modules

Autumn term (September-December 2014)
Investments & Portfolio Management (with RMFE)
Risk Management and Valuation
Financial Statistics
Stochastic Calculus

Spring term (January-March 2015)
Financial Engineering
Advanced Financial Statistics
Advanced Financial Accounting & Valuation
Advanced Investments
International Finance
Numerical Finance
General Insurance
Life Insurance
Corporate Law and Corporate Tax Strategy
Financial Crises: Regulation & Ethics

Summer term (April-June 2015)
Mergers and Acquisitions
Advanced Options Theory
Wealth Management
Enterprise Risk Management
Fixed Income Securities
Credit Risk
Quantitative Trading Strategies


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