Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing & Analytics

Part-time PhDs

An increasing number of financial services industry professionals wish to undertake a PhD part-time. UCL welcomes this approach as it allows high-calibre candidates with a wealth of industry experience to participate in the programme.

UCL’s computer science department has considerable experience in managing part-time PhDs.

Part-time PhD applicants

Part-time study only works well when the candidate's job is closely aligned with their PhD topic.

Applicants for part-time PhDs typically have a masters degree and 3-5 years industry experience. They often occupy senior positions in their companies.

Part-time PhD applicants fall into three categories:

  1. Industry-professional working on scientific problems in their daily work
  2. Applicants who are committed to doing a PhD but are not in an appropriate job
  3. Applicants who do not appreciate the scientific requirements of a PhD.

We only accept the first category. 
Part-time applicants are only accepted by UCL and not LSE or IC.

Application process

We employ a rigorous selection process:

  • The applicant submits a standard PhD Form.
  • Each applicant is matched with a principal and second supervisor.
  • Once the applicant is interviewed and accepted, a 6-month trial is completed without formal registration.
  • On successful completion of the trial, they are formally accepted on the PhD programme, and follow the normal UCL graduate school procedures.


Part-time PhDs do not qualify for funding. Please refer to the UCL fees page for information regarding prices.

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